Creative Learning for ALL

Learning by STEAM Coding is CREATIVE Learning

Science ~ Technology ~ Engineering ~ ARTS ~ Math

Adding the ARTS to STEM emphasizes creativity and fun by adding color, music, and so much more. Those who enjoy writing, drawing, coloring, making things, listening to music, and dancing will love learning using programs like Scratch from the MIT Media Lab.  Sounds like kindergarten, doesn’t it? Well, it truly is!

But this is not just for children!  People of ALL ages enjoy this type of learning, and everything you need to explore “Maker” learning is online and free.

Where To Start

The Course mentioned above sounds great; however, often the best way to learn something is to help someone else learn it, so volunteering to help students with Scratch, Google CS First, or Tinkercad in a local elementary school is an ideal way to begin.  You will be amazed at what good teachers these kids are!



I am planning to take the course and then have the kids help me as I practice the new things that I have learned. – RuthK